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i don't think anybody outside this team thought we would be where we are today. >> for the first time in six years, the a's are going to the playoffs. one of the most surprising stories in all of baseball and as we speak, the celebration is in full swing in oakland. good evening. thank you for joining us. and i'm raj mathai. >> the a's may be the best team in baseball. >> they surprised a lot of people around the country and even here in the bay area. it has been a magical season and
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it could be a magical playoff. we start with henry wofford with the a's players. it is a special night. >> reporter: raj and jessica, there is not a dry shirt inside the oakland a's clubhouse. the beer is everywhere. the champagne is everywhere and guys are yelling at the top of their lungs. after their 4-3 win against the texas rangers, you're absolutely right. they're going back to the postseason for the first time since 2006. how do you celebrate? how about putting a pie in your manager's face? >> i can't even explain it right now. we got a lot of guys here in these uniforms. these guys that grew up here, jonny gomes, pretty amazing. one thing. i've won the world series in arizona and other playoffs.
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it is nothing like this. >> i don't think anybody outside of this team thought we would be where we are today. and we just, the critics came a long way down the road. to do it with the team we've had is a great feeling. unbelievable. >> the celebration is great but one thing is sure for the green and gold. they don't want to celebrate too much. with this victory they're now only a game behind the first place texas rangers. and they still have two regular season games remaining which means the a's could win the a.l. west outright and forget about that whole wild card talk. we'll see how this whole thing develops. there are 21,000 fans extremely loud and every player said yes. the crowd made a very big difference out here. raj and jessica, this is an not credible run for the oakland have been a's. >> it sure is. had notary wofford from the
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coliseum. cheryl is talking about. this it has not been easy for the a's fans to stay true. >> reporter: it has been so sweet. do you know what i think? i think that the a's have magical powers and these fans, they've been behind the team all the way. for the diehard fans -- the a's can do no wrong. >> they'll make a name for themselves. i think they'll go for the sweep. i'm calling it. and texas is going to get the wild card and t a's will win it all. >> reporter: it is easy to say that now but if you know baseball, no one thought this team would be a contender in october. not the players -- >> a long time ago, the season starts, 160 games. you never know what to expect. >> reporter: no one. >> no one on the planet earth thought they would get this far. they're still playing.
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>> reporter: ray ratto has been covering sports in the bay area since 1973. >> everything that could go right has gone right. all the stuff that went wrong, they overcame. and they've overcome some serious obstacles like losing several of the starting pitchers. in july, the team was near bottom of the standings. tonight they're one of the hottest teams in the league. >> it is magic all over again. >> reporter: magic with players some struggle to call by name. >> yeah. >> reporter: like? >> reddick, now i'm going blank. >> reporter: tonight the a's got a win. putting the team closer to winning the a.l. west. >> playoffs, baby. >> we've got tickets for all the playoffs all the way through the world series. we're hoping to make it to the world series. >> reporter: do you know what? this team was poised and ready for the win. in fact they have playoff
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t-shirts already here as you can see. and i think they're already sold out. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> all right. with the new fans there at the coliseum. some new friends. for the first time in nine years the a's and the giants are going to the postseason. playoff fever in san francisco tonight. the tower is looking nice. lit up in orange and so is city hall. the giants open this week at at&t park. the aempb's might also be hosting in oakland. the 49ers will be playing at home. you throw in the america's cup and the blue angels in addition to the a's, giants, 49ers, the weekend will be active to say the least. stay with us for complete on air and how to get around. new at 11:00, the coast guard tells us family members of a michiganing fisherman found the body. they were searching north of pigeon point when they found him. he was one of four men on a fishing trip. the boat capsized after waves
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slammed into it. two men wearing lifejackets managed to swim to shore and alerted authorities but the other two men were not wearing life vests. first the arrests, now the death. a popular teacher accused of plefing a former student has apparently killed himself. james izumizaki's body was found this morning. his arrest last week shocked the albany middle school community and his death now has left them stunld and sadden -- stunned and saddened. the confusing situation for everyone at the school. >> reporter: quiet moments in front of albany middle school as students and parents remember the popular teacher and coach james izumizaki. the sheriff says a family member found him dead in a car this morning near the hayward airport. the 28-year-old's death is being investigated as a suicide. >> i web to my door and closed the door and cried. >> reporter: the former student says mr. i was a friend. >> my parents got divorced.
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from that point on he was like my big brother. >> reporter: last week police arrested him after a rm four student accused him of molestation. jailing the teacher for alleged lewd conduct with a student under 14. nbc bay area tried to talk to izumizaki last week but noted comment. no matter of days, students at the middle school are facing tough issues. alleged molestation and suicide. the school plans to inform the student body mr. i is gone tuesday. parents got a call tonight and word is spreading on social media. >> they need to know what's going on. >> reporter: his goddaughter attends albany middle school. he said the kids need to hear the truth. >> you can make or break a kid in middle school. and hopefully this doesn't do any damage to the kids. >> reporter: the district attorney did not file charges against izumizaki because police were still investigating. the albany police will now have to decide the future of the case. while the criminal case is
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considered, he says he will consider the athletes to compete in his honor. >> they'll have to get through this. because he is a great coach. he will be missed. >> reporter: gene tells us the school officials will have counsellors on campus tomorrow to help students cope with the situation and their grief. new details on a big mess in the central valley. two train accidents within hours of each other just miles apart. the first involved an amtrak train traveling from oakland to bakersfield. here's the map. that train derailed near hanford about 30 miles south of fresno. less than four hours later, another train accident, about 17 miles away. a freight train and a tractor-trailer collided. now that amtrak train derailed after a big rig slammed into it. tonight the "l.a. times" identified the truck driver as 32-year-old makari medina. he suffered injuries.
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dozens of people on board the train were also hurt. >> i got this on the side of my head and my arm. and it knocked me sideways to my left. and i'm covered in dirt and insulation and it was just, you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. was it driver error? a malfunctioning crossing arm or something else? train service in the area is expected to resume tomorrow morning. >> tonight vallejo's mayor insists he is the target of an arsonist. >> i believe that the last criminal act is part of an escalating attempt to incriminate me, let me make it very, very clear. it has failed. i am not now, nor will i ever be intimidated by such cowardly acts of vandalism or criminal conduct. >> a fire gutted most of the governor's law office on saturday. davis has had his share of critics throughout the years. he got off to a rocky start in 2007 when he won the election by
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just three votes. then he had to leave vallejo through bankruptcy. the fbi is expected to investigate the weekend fire as an act of domestic terrorism. the noise traveled for miles and prompted hundreds of complaints from people in the east bay. the source of their frustration, an outdoor rave at the oakland coliseum. this is youtube video of that rave that started saturday night. it was called beyond wonderlandful police say the music was so loud, people pr san leandro all the way frommal need over were calling 911. and they had to call in extra dispatchers to handle all the calls. the city officials in oakland have since issued an apology and have called for the immediate review of the situation. president obama and mitt romney squaring off face to face, getting ready for the first debate. and a new television ad is reminding the candidates not to forget one of the year's biggest tragedies. plus, a local official
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charging taxpayers for the appearances? why he is costing the taxpayers even more. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. record setting heat gripping a lot of the bay area and it looks like the temperatures will be 105 to 91. we'll stay hot for your tuesday. wee let you know about the next chance of showers. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm...
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♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ they're prepping, coaching and studying for debate number one. president obama and mitt romney getting ready for wednesday night's face-off. it takes place in denver. both men facing challenges. neither is known for being a
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stellar debater. aides say the president doesn't like to talk in sound bites and can come off as patronizing. romney's advisers say he can sound out of touch with the voters. the topic this time is domestic policy ask the moderator is news hour host jim lehrer. a victim of the aurora theater shooting is calling on mitt romney and president obama to address gun control during the debate. >> it was this past summer in a movie theater, i was shot in the face and neck. >> that's stephen barton featured in a new national tv ad paid for by a group called united against illegal gun support fund. the group says it is disappointed about. the candidates haven't addressed gun violence in a concrete and specific way. it is unlikely that topic will be brought up unless the question comes from the moderator. critics point out the weapons used in that aurora shooting
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were all legally purchased. you pay up, they show up. the officials raking in fees just for public appearances last month. tonight more unquestionable spending by the bay area's largest water district. >> reporter: $286 plus mileage. that's what the santa clara valley water district gets to show up for events related to water issues. richard santos serves on a 58th of volunteer boirds but he has figured out a way to get paid by taxpayers. from the water district board to san jose's police and fire retirement board -- >> everybody wants to do the right thing. >> reporter: and the 2040 task forceful richard santos wears a lot of hats. but we found the santa clara valley water district is footing the bill for his hat collection.
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the public records show he attends numerous meetings. for all of those boards he serves on and the water district is often paying for him to go. why you are charging the water district to attend events and meetings that are related to and paid for by the retirement board. >> i'm not. >> reporter: according to these documents he is. >> i attend a lot of meetings. correct. we first met him last month. we questioned him about some of those meetings that were not related to water. >> do you feel that you should have charged $300 to meet with them? >> it wasn't $300. $298.27. the district spent more than $50,000 last year on his benefits, travel, and those meeting fees which we're now finding are sometimes for other boards. did you tell the retirement board that you would be charging the water district? >> no. why i would do that? >> reporter: we're talking about two panels that members of the police and fire department retirement board attempted to
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discuss the city's pension issues. they paid his registration and the water district paid him that daily meeting fee. >> basically, the going from one purpose and billing to another entity the wrong. >> reporter: pete also serves on the retirement board. >> why it is so important to be able to figure out what hat you're wearing and work in that role. >> reporter: we aren't sure which hat he is wearing when he flew down to this pension conference in southern california. he stayed at a spa. registered as a member of police and fire and dined. his trip cost the retirement board $1,200. he then billed the water district his daily appearance fee, picking up $1,100. no other water district in the state attended. because only members are invited. santa clara valley water district isn't on the list. could that be perceived as double dipping? >> i think it is more than a thatterception. >> you need understand our
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policies and procedures and i never violate those. >> reporter: here they are. the district's policy says directors can only charge for meetings related to district issues. it also reads, directors can only charge for conferences open to the district or the public. calapers wasn't. >> it seems like he's taking advantage of taxpayers. >> reporter: i don't think so. he said they do relate to the district. >> they go to a lot of meetings. and it is related to what we do here at the district. >> reporter: we're still trying the figure out how attending envision san jose 2040 is related. santos is a volunteer member of that task force. over a year he got paid nearly $1,000 for those meetings. >> you're also a member of the bay area advisory council. is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: why do you cha rnlg to attend? >> that's just part of the per deem. >> reporter: those kauft more than $3,500.
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the water district issues weren't on those meetings. but he did contribute something. snacks. >> at one meeting your only involvement was providing snacks. if it is related to the water district. >> regarding he brought the food, the snacks, i don't have any comments. if he did that, he is making that connection to the city, i don't have any knowledge of how he charged that, if he charged it back to the district. >> reporter: with all due respect the policy doesn't say you can charge a meeting fee to make a connection with the community. >> i have to go through the policy. i thought it did have developing relations. >> reporter: we have more questions for you. i don't understand why you're away. >> i have to go to a meeting. >> reporter: a collection of meetings and hats. he is charging the taxpayers. >> don't you think taxpayers have a right to know? >> thank you.
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>> reporter: we made several attempts to set up an interview. he told us to talk to the public relations director. she said she could not speak to his availability. in addition to attending district-related events, the policy states directors may also receive their pay for other events if they are paid in advance by the board. we found no director has asked for preapproval. >> very interesting. thank you very much. if you have a tim for investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or you can send us an e-mail to the unit. let's bring in jeff ranieri, fans and air conditioners working overtime. >> some of the hottest in gilroy at 103. even for san francisco, a very rare 90 degrees. people walking around in shorts and flip flops. another way you can set the bar. hayward also set the record with 95. it shattered the only one.
11:20 pm
it was more than just wear out there. it was unusually hot for the day. the air qual will start to improve. going to more moderate levels for the east and the south bay. that's the sign of us getting the winds to shift. at leaf over the next 24 hours to a cooler wind in the forecast. right now no cool wind in place. this is just unreal. 80 in pleasanton. 70 in livermore. 79 in danville. let's take you outside. we're calling this balmy night, and the tower is not lit up for the heat but for the giants going into the alds. let's get you back to the weather boards and what we have happening through the next 48 hours. that area of high pressure that has been producing all of the heat on sunday. also for today. that will begin to fade. here comes the next thing to switch up the forecast. more in the upper levels. it will get us some cooler winds.
11:21 pm
namely as we head throughout wednesday, thursday and friday. that's when temperatures could drop an estimated 20 to 30 degrees. for tomorrow, it still stays hot with 80s and 90s. a mix of 70s at the coast. santa cruz going down to 60. a daytime high of 100 for today. a 40-degree drop in those temperatures. for tomorrow we'll top out at 98 in morgan hill. also, 93 in palo alto. the most widespread heat here, potential records. walnut creek at 101. ler more at 100. for san francisco, above average. 86 in richmond. 87 in berkeley. the mid to upper 90s in wine country and 98 in santa rosa. another beach day tomorrow. way too hot inland. as we head throughout thursday, we get the morning fog back. the temperatures in the 80s. by saturday and sunday, we are going to the 70s. hello, fall, and get out of
11:22 pm
here, summer air. monday, a slight chance of a shower. the a/cs will eventually get a break. >> in one week. unbelievable. >> i love it. we're back in a moment. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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ho ho ho ♪ green giant a tradition, turkey and crab. but after 65 years, the market is closing. >> it specializes in fish and poultry. they open in 1947. recently the owner sold the wholesale division of the market making it tougher to run that side of the business. now two of the four owners simply want to retire. >> a lot of memories for a lot of people. and the memories will live forever. we'll always have that. whether you're a customer or an owner. >> christmas eve, it's part of my christmas to be here.
11:25 pm
>> an important note. the restaurant side called seafood kitchen will remain open. the market will close on october 14th. back to oakland for the big celebration for the amp's. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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[ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the new york yankees have a pay roll around $200 million. it doesn't matter how you get to the playoffs as long as you get there. the a's rangers at the coliseum. and this was an awesome night for all involved. maybe except the guys wearing blue. coco crisp, doubles to make it 3-2, athletics. they leave. they would not relinquish. it is 4-3. three outs away from glory. brent balfour, david murphy, also on three pitches.
11:28 pm
final chance for texas, mike napoli. and balfour blows it by him. the a's are going to the playoffs after the 4-3 win. and oh, yeah, they're still alive in the american league west. awesome stuff. >> nothing short of magic. we've been doing a great job of staying within ourselves this whole year. it starts from the top. from billy to bob. even the trainers. everybody believing in it from day one. the guys coming in and gelling, our chemistry with these young guys. it is like a youth movement. they give us energy as a veteran player as well. >> this is unbelievable. i just thought, i'm lost for words. it is unbelievable. have a great team. a great group of guys. and i mean, this is, whew! >> the giants playing to eliminate the dodgers. buster posey with the
11:29 pm
two-bagger. marco schoolaro to make it 1-0. posey went one for four. left the game with back spasms. the giants down 2-1 in the eighth. scutaro extends his streak to 18 game. driving home angel pagan and the bases loaded, bottom nine. and off scutaro's glove. with the walk-off hit ends it. the dodgers mathematically alive. 3-2, the time. the big story, the a's who need to win tomorrow. otherwise they'll play a while card game on friday possibly at home.
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in less than 12 hours interesting america's cup village reopens. practice races get underway tomorrow morning for the second round of the series on the bay. beautiful to see the boats out there. 11 team will be competing
11:32 pm
against each other beginning wednesday. tomorrow is a practice day. it is a busy week out on the bay. the races coincide with fleet week. >> if we go out to the tomorrow, what should i be bringing? a jacket? shorts? what am i bringing? >> shorts. and your sun screen, sunglasses. something cool to drink. >> that's very important. it will pan out for those boaters, too. they want that graden. the wind getting really ramped up. by wednesday, cooler weather at the coast. as for tomorrow we'll see the temperatures spread from 95 to 101 to the east to the south bay to the north bay. remember to drink plenty of water. take frequent breaks and don't forget those pets. let's get you the goods. we'll see the low 100s inland for tuesday. then gradual cooling as we head throughout friday. 60s at the coast. the fog returns by this upcoming weekend. the 70s are back and even by next monday, we are looking at a potential slight chance of showers. the best shot we've had so far. >> okay. thank you. >> from flip flops to rain
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drops. >> thanks for watching us tonight. we leave with you one last look and congratulations for the a's playoff bound tonight. >> the oakland athletics are going to the postseason! unbelievable! [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- emmy award winner, bryan cranston. from the new movie "pitch perfect," rebel wilson. the music of cher lloyd. and "headlines."

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